After disbanding Harmonik drive, Enrique meet together with Pierre P. and they decide to start up the Band in January 2010. Bernard, former band's drummer jumps in quickly. Wanovitch's definitive line up is completed in April 2010 when Ben joins the band.

All over 2010, time is spend to write new numbers and to record first demos, and from 2011 the band starts to gig on regular bases.

In April 2013, after Ben's decision to resign, Fabian - who already performed previously as replacement with the band - becomes the new bass player of Wanovitch . In the meantime, Tatiana joined the band with her amazing voice, as second singer, for a period of more than two years.

In September 2015, Bernard after so many years of drumming goes for retirement and is replaced by Jean-Christophe...Last change, in September 2018, Marc joins the band after JC's departure.

Enrique Roelas

Lead Vocals,

Rythm guitar

Pierre P. Moyson

Lead guitar,

backing vocals

Fabian Lefebrve


Marc Van Malleghem